The Story

I used to think that you are not a skier if you do not have a ski box on top of your car to transport your gear. When I was a professional skier, I thought it signaled to the world that I was a hardcore skier. Now I think about the ski box as a symbol of the past and something that is not sustainable.

This is my third year as a proud owner of an electric car. Being a skier, I needed to be able to drive long distances. So, I bought one with a long-range, but when the winter came along, this range was reduced significantly due to cold temperatures. Then I realized that my ski box reduced my range even more (close to 25%). That is a LOT, especially since the long-range car had cost more than I really wanted to spend.

At first, I decided to dismount the ski box and the rack every time I went for a long drive. After doing that a dozen times, I got really fed up and I started to put my skis inside my car. This is a common solution for many people in my situation. It brought a range of new problems, like safety, melted snow, noise, and all kinds of mess inside my car. I needed a good solution to this and there was nothing in the market that would cover my needs. So, there was only one thing left to do… come up with a solution ourselves.

I have teamed up with a bunch of smart people in the heart of the Norwegian mountains in Oppdal to find the solution to this problem. Our crew consists of Omar Salem, a badass architect and designer, Daniel Ege, an NTNU PhD student specializing in prototyping, and myself, Hans Gunleiksrud, a former professional skier and an experienced serial entrepreneur.

We are now in the development of our fifth prototype. We would love to invite you to be part of our journey. We are planning to soft-launch one of our prototypes for testing this spring.  If you want to be the first ones to experience this new product and to help us to make a difference, please let us know. Our goal is to have our first product on the market for sale this fall.

Enjoy your TrunkBunk this coming winter and join us for a better way to travel with skis and for a more sustainable future.

The Problem
The range can be reduced due to increased drag caused by the roof box. The range can be reduced by 20-25% compared to EV in winter without a roof box.
EVs are silent in general and a roof box can cause an unpleasant whistling sound created by wind flowing between the car’s roof and the box.
Although the design of new ski roof boxes improved over the years, they are still bulky and not very pleasant to look at. Next to it, they can cause the accumulation of dust under the feet of the roof rack and scratch the paint.
The Solution

TrunkBunk is designed to prevent curious lurking by-walkers from seeing your precious gear, and at the same time, to ensure safety in case of crash.
Our product is here to protect your car’s interior from possible cuts, water or dirt from your skis stored inside.
Easy to use
It is practical, user-friendly solution that is easy to deploy and that can be simply taken out of the car and stored anywhere or can be kept inside the car without taking too much of space.



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